Podcasting to tackle youth social disengagement

The issue of social disengagement among young people is a growing concern for communities around the world. Many young people feel disconnected from civic and political life, which can lead to a lack of involvement and a feeling of exclusion. To address this issue, the UComE project was developed as a systematised and digitised approach for the reconstitution of community engagement in youth-oriented activities. One of the innovative contemporary methods used to achieve this goal is podcasting which is included in our toolkit that will be developed in a few weeks.

Podcasting has emerged as a powerful tool for youth civic engagement. It provides young people with a platform to discuss issues that matter to them and to engage with their communities on a deeper level. Podcasting is a contemporary method that is accessible, affordable, and widely popular among young people. It offers a unique opportunity to reach out to young people and to engage them in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

During our recent training activity in Athens, participants had the chance of making their own live discussion podcast. The result was that some of them were inspired by the workshop and started to structure their podcasts as it provides a unique opportunity for young people to express themselves and reach a wide audience quickly.