We see it all around us, in the news, in personal stories, in studies: The challenges that the coronavirus entails are often difficult, even more so for young people. For months they have struggled through an accumulation of uncertainties and limitations, but the effects of the corona crisis seem to be increasing. That is precisely why time and attention for young people is extra important during this period.

UComE; A systematised and digitised approach for the reconstitution of community engagement in youth-oriented activities’ (2022-2024) intends to address the social disengagement of young people and their low participation levels in civic and political life.

The enhancement and systematization of community engagement through digital tools, in combination with youth positive development is one of the ways for the target to be achieved, thus allowing youths to gain a sense of competence, self-worth
and belonging in the community.

This project brings together 4 partners:

ZID Theatre (coordinator), a Dutch NGO with a cultural and artistic scope.
CIP, a Cypriot educational and research NGO that acts in the social and scientific fields.
IASIS, a Greek NGO providing therapeutic & counselling services and psychosocial support to marginalized groups.
Logopsycom, a Belgian SME focusing on inclusive educational innovation through digitalization.